Clubhouse Rental

A $50 deposit check and a non-refundable $50 usage fee check are to be delivered when you receive the clubhouse key.  Prior to your event, please look over the clubhouse and phone the Clubhouse Coordinator if it is not in acceptable condition.  Leave a message stating the problem.

During your event:

  • Please ensure that your guests treat the premises with respect.
  • Mop up spills quickly and do not set hot dishes on wood surfaces without protection.
  • If you are using the pool, do not allow people to track water inside the clubhouse.
  • Please ask guests to smoke outside and clean up cigarette butts after your event.
  • Be respectful of fellow homeowners and keep late night noise to a minimum.
  • Do not tape items to the walls, the paint comes off or folks leave the tape

After your event, you are responsible for the following:

  1. Pick up and dispose of all trash.  Empty bathroom and kitchen wastebaskets.
  2. Place the trash in the green trash bin located outside of the clubhouse by the pool gate.
  3. Take trash bin to curb if city pickup is the next day (trash pickup is Tuesday and Friday).
  4. Vacuum carpet.  A vacuum is provided in a storage closet to the side of the kitchen.
  5. Sweep kitchen and washroom floors.
  6. Wipe all countertops, tables and desk and mop up any spills – especially in the oven.
  7. Clean out refrigerator.   Do NOT leave anything in the refrigerator.  Wipe up spills.
  8. Replace furniture in its original position.
  9. Lock washroom doors with key (deadbolt only).  Please do not lock with inside push button.
  10. Turn off ALL lights, except one lamp on low.
  11. Lock ALL exterior doors.  Make certain all windows are locked.
  12. If you use the pool or tennis courts, you are responsible for picking up ALL trash, toys or articles around and in the pool and courts.

Please leave the clubhouse key on the kitchen counter.  The clubhouse will be checked after your event and before the next.  If all tasks listed above have been done, you will be notified and you may pick up your deposit check or, if you prefer, it will be torn up.  

If any of the items above have not been done, your deposit check WILL BE CASHED.  

If the key is not present, your deposit check WILL BE CASHED.

Thank you for your cooperation.  Enjoy your event!

Liberty Square Homeowner’s Association Board

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