Pool Rules

Pool Hours:  5 AM – 12 PM

Pool Rules

  1. No diving in the pool.
  2. No running or horseplay in pool area.
  3. No pets in pool or pool area.
  4. No wheels in pool or tennis court area (includes scooters, skateboards, bikes, roller blades, etc)
  5. No glass containers in pool area.
  6. No grilling in the pool area.
  7. No trash, rocks, cigarette butts, or other debris in the pool or  pool area.
  8. No Smoking in the Pool Area.
  9. No swimming when POOL CLOSED sign is posted.
  10. No climbing on fence or climbing over gate.
  11. Children under age 12 must be accompanied by a person age 16 or older.
  12. Liberty Square Pool is reserved for homeowner members and their guests only.  All guests must be supervised by homeowner members and may not use the facilities unattended.
  13. Please clean up and trash after using the pool.
  14. Gate and bathroom doors must be kept locked at all times.


Failure to follow these rules may result in loss of pool/clubhouse privileges.

Please turn off bathroom lights, lock the bathroom doors (upper and lower locks), and ensure the gate is closed before leaving the pool area.

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